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Agrip India Crop Science was established in 2019 to provide the agro- solution to indian farming Community. We are committed to educate the farmer to use crop and pest specific crop Production. Products judiciously. We are working towards adding new chemistry in the product Basket to Sensure safar products for users. Our sales and marketing team strategically guides the Farmer with the adequate and newly adopted techniques which range from teaching sowing Pattern, harvesting pattern and shifting from one crop to another in reference to ongoing Weather shifts. In the first phase, we opened our operation in north india and are steadily Shifting towards central india. In a little span of time optaions will be functional Throughout country

In our operational sates such as Uttar Pradesh Punjab, Haryana, Uttrakhand, Rajsthan And Madhya Pradesh Top leading brands among their categories Our quality products and their attractive packaging is generating repeated purchase from the which is further bulding their trust on our Company and organisation as whole.


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Our Products are manufactured to cater plants and will give all important nutrients starting from primary, secondary, PGR & Pesticides which are easily absorbed by plants when it is available.